New Things From Old Favorites

I recently spent three days at the annual Natural Products Expo here in California. With hundreds and hundreds of vendors promoting their products, the truth of the matter is that most of the products are processed in some way; many of them are not quite healthy and even fewer are formulated with real, organic, recognizable ingredients.  A great representation of the food world we all have to navigate on a daily basis. But that does not mean all hope is lost!

Amidst the chaos of product pushing, I did find some great products I want to share with you. These products are a mix of new offerings from my tried-and-true favorites or new and promising products that I hope to find on store shelves, soon. 

One of the things I learned after talking to reps from these companies and asking my standard question, “what stores carry your product?” is that getting a product to the shelf of a store you shop at is quite an arduous process. Talking to your store manager and asking them to bring in your favorites can help a new product get to shelf much quicker.  So speak up if your store doesn’t have something you want to buy.  While you’re waiting, order online whenever you can so you don’t have to miss out.  Remember… we vote with our dollars, so vote for good things! 

New products from my favorite brands:


Sunflower Butter from Bliss Nut Butters.  Delicious! Great for someone with a nut allergy. Not yet on store shelves in southern California, but always available on their website My all time favorite of theirs is the Cinnamon Chia Seed Peanut Butter. Give both a try.


Sprouted Artisan Bread and Baguettes by Alvarado St. Bakery. I am already a fan of their sprouted sliced bread line and the addition of a frozen sprouted grain baguette that will go from freezer to oven to table in less than 15 minutes is worth a smile or two.  You can use this baguette to make crostini, garlic bread or, if you’re feeling really indulgent, eat it warm from the oven with a little Brie spread on it.  Another new offering is their energy squares packed with organic seeds and nuts. Both should be on store shelves this summer.


Hope Foods Guacamole.  Known for their flavorful line of hummus, Hope Foods is coming out with a guacamole in both mild and hot flavors. Perfect for when you can’t find ripe enough avocados to make your own.  Look for it in the refrigerated foods section of your market by summertime




Organic Valley has two new products out: Grassmilk Yogurt from 100% grass fed cows and Hazelnut and Vanilla half-an-half. The yogurt is creamy, full fat (exactly what you should be eating. . . fat-free foods will make you fat!) and comes in vanilla and plain. Try the half-and-half in your cup of coffee. 


I blogged about Tava Life Ghee a while ago and love their green chili flavored ghee. They were back at the Expo this year rebranded as 4th & Heart (named after the heart chakra).  They may have a new name and logo, but they haven’t changed their delicious grass-fed ghee.  While I’m sad they discontinued the chili flavor, they added two amazing new flavors, garlic and while truffle sea salt. Is your mouth watering yet? Look for them at Whole Foods, Central Market and Thrive online market.


I know this post is long, but before I go, I have to share one last favorite brand and their new offering.  The band is The Bu Kombucha and their certified organic, 100% kombuchas come in some fantastic flavors, like chai spice, lavender and honey dew. They are adding new flavors with ginger and peach to their line, so keep an eye out for them!

A few new things without pictures include:  New flavors from Perfect Bar protein bars: coconut almond and blueberry cashew. . . New addition to the supplement drink line from Oxylent, 3-in-1 Supplement drink. . . Justin's Nut Butter will be releasing almond butter and pretzel snack packs. . . Suja pressed juices is introducing probiotic waters and Bob's Red Mill is getting in the protein powder ring with several flavors including chai flavored protein that has chia and probiotics!

Whew, that’s a lot, just from my favorite brands.  New products to share are coming soon.  In the mean time, which of these are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments below.  Have a happy, healthy day!