Ghee, It's Nice to Meet You.

I recently had the chance to ‘taste test’ a new line of ghee, by Tava, that I discovered at the Natural Products Expo. Have you had the opportunity to meet ghee? If not, then let me introduce you.

Ghee, rooted in ancient Indian culture, is a class of clarified butter. In simplest terms, ghee is made by simmering butter until the milk solids caramelize and water content evaporates, creating a dense product with an aromatic, slightly nutty flavor. 

Ghee is a medium chain fat and due to its production method, it has health benefits when eaten in moderation. Here are a few:

  •  Contains vitamins A, D, E and K
  • Higher smoke point for cooking foods
  • Rich in butyrate, it helps control insulin levels, decreases inflammation and aids digestion 
  • Is low in casein and is better tolerated in people with lactose intolerance
  • Shelf stable and spreadable

Tava makes a line of ghee that uses milk from grass-fed cows (a big plus!) in keeping with ancient production methods. Here’s where Tava brand ghee stands above the rest: flavor!  Tava offers a line of 4 flavors, Original, Vanilla Bean, Himalayan Sea Salt and Green Chili.  I tired every flavor, some with the recipes on their website, and the Green Chili is my favorite (and I’m not typically a spicy kinda person). I also roasted a halved pear with a spread of vanilla ghee on each half – yum! The Himalayan sea salt ghee perked up my sautéed broccoli, and their baked eggs recipe with the Green Chili ghee was amazing!

Tava’s ghees are available mainly in the Los Angeles area, but if you live further away, they sell it on their website, too. 

If you decide to try ghee, share some of your favorite ways to use it with us here at Grow in Wellness.  I hope you get the chance to  “meet” ghee… you’ll be glad to have a new friend in your pantry. 


(As for pronunciation, the “gh” is a hard sound, like the first syllable in ghetto, the end rhymes with tree)