Five Favorites for Spring

The signs of spring are popping up all around us.  Little green buds on the trees, colorful flowers starting to make an appearance and some of the tastiest vegetables are making their way to the farmer’s markets. Spring is about newness and color and some amazing flavors for our plates.  (And for some, ‘spring cleaning’ is on the list, too.)  I love this time of year -  the gifts of spring bring a smile to my face – and I like to bring a bit of spring inside, too. 

I want to share a few of my favorite things for spring.  Things that are bright and cheerful and can perk up your kitchen and make cooking just a little more fun. I am always a sucker for kitchen gadgets and these are not just cute, they actually work great!

Here are my 5 Favorites for Spring

image   VeggiChop Chopper

I have some pretty decent knife skills, but when it comes to quickly chopping an onion, or breaking up canned tomatoes for a recipe, this little chopper can’t be beat.  Cheerful spring green color, easy to use, easy to clean… and very sharp blades! Just ask my thumb!


image Ceramic Paring Knife

Since we’re on the subject of sharp things, this paring knife is used so often at our house, it’s rarely put away.  I love the ceramic blade that stays sharp and you can’t beat all the colors the handle comes in… I have several sizes in a combination of colors. 


image   Strawberry Huller

This is the best strawberry huller I have ever used.  It removes the stem without damaging or smashing the rest of the berry and does so with ease.  Strawberry season is upon us – get one of these cute red and green tools soon so you can start using it with the next basket of strawberries you buy.


image  Microplane Soft Handle Graters

I know most of you probably already have a variety of graters in your kitchen, but even if that’s the case, maybe you’ll want to upgrade?  These Microplane Artisan graters come in fun colors and different grate styles. The rubber tip and handle make it secure in your grip and on your chopping board.  Pick your color… red, green, white, yellow, just like picking flowers (but these will last a lot longer).

image   Silicone Lids

My new favorite! I just discovered these silicone lids by Charles Viancin at Christmastime and they were immediately on my gift-giving list.  Use on the stovetop or for covering a bowl in the fridge.  They are reusable (saves on plastic wrap and are environmentally friendly) and create an airtight seal. They come in several sizes and in designs… sunflower, hibiscus, lily pad and more.  These flowers can bloom in your kitchen all year long!

“plus one more”…

This one isn’t a gadget you can buy, but it is one of my spring favorites – asparagus!  There are lots of great recipes to cook this vegetable, but by far, my favorite is to roast them in the oven at 375F (tossed with some olive oil, sea salt and pepper) until they slightly brown on the outside. Simple and delicious! (Cooking them on the grill is just as good, too!)

How will you bring spring inside this year?