Afternoon Treat


There are some days when I am not really quite hungry, but want a ‘little something’ to make my taste buds smile. Sometimes it is as easy as biting into a juicy, green apple and other times a handful of frozen raspberries does the trick.  But when those don’t sound appealing, I whip up this frothy concoction and it hits the spot.

I call it Almond Ice Milk and it’s really not much more complicated than it sounds.  It’s a healthy treat that is satisfying to a sweet tooth, too.  The cinnamon helps stabilize your blood sugar and, combined with the vanilla, it tastes like a dessert. Here’s how easy it is: 

12 ounces homemade or minimally processed plain almond milk

1 tsp. cinnamon

2 drops of vanilla stevia (I use Sweet Leaf brand)

3 ice cubes

Put all items in the blender and blend until you no longer hear the ice bouncing around.  Then pour into a large glass and drink slowly, savoring the flavors. 

Enjoy your afternoon treat!