Do You Grill Your Guac?


There is a certain kind of excitement that comes with getting something new, whether it be a new pair of shoes, new gadget (like an iPad) or even a new favorite show on TV.  For me, the excitement over our new Big Green Egg (BGE) grill is motivating me to put close to anything I can “over the coals”. I’ll save the long explanation of the Big Green Egg, but let’s just say it’s the most amazing grill we’ve ever owned - long cook times, fantastic flavor for everything we’ve cooked, and easy to use. 

This BGE enthusiasm led me to experiment with making guacamole recently.  Avocadoes are quite possibly my most favorite food and avocado season is upon us! I love a delicious, fresh guacamole, but to add an authentically roasted flavor to it seemed like a perfect way to up the guac game. 

I prepped (aka: washed, sliced and lightly brushed with coconut oil) my organic ingredients: red onion, red pepper, Serrano chili, heirloom tomatoes, limes and avocadoes (pitted, with skin on). Then placed them face down on the grill over medium heat and cooked each until they were just starting to char and blister.  As they finished cooking, I took them off to cool.  Once they were done, I scooped out the avocado, chopped the peppers and onions and combined everything except the limes in a bowl and mashed until they came together in perfect union.  I added fresh crushed garlic, sea salt and squeezed one lime at a time until the flavor was just right.  It was a perfect compliment to our turkey burgers and doubled as a tasty dip for the grilled sweet potato fries.  A 100% cooked outdoors meal - - tastes great and keeps the heat out of the kitchen! 

You could easily adapt this concept and grill your mango salsa or grill tomatoes and bread for a twist on the traditional Italian tomato-bread salad.  How will you up your grilling game this summer?  Share your inspiration in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!


*note: Grilling slightly changes the texture of avocadoes.  If that does not appeal to you, then grill all the ingredients except the avocado and then add them to a bowl with (un-grilled) avocado and mash together for a still-delicious guacamole.