Growing to New Places



To all of my loyal Grow in Wellness followers, I send you a big “Thank You” for your ongoing support these past three years.  I have enjoyed sharing with you delicious recipes, new products and the latest in ways of how to improve your health. 

The focus of Grow in Wellness has been promoting the concept of eating whole, organic, real foods and moving away from processed foods (and foods that appear healthy, but really aren’t).  One of the most difficult parts of staying on track with eating in a way that supports a healthy body is dining out. Grow in Wellness has created a way to make choosing a healthy restaurant easier. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource for where to dine out on healthy options? To know which restaurants not only choose organic produce, but also seek sustainably raised beef, poultry and seafood? Restaurants that care about our planet and your health? To know what brands you should be reaching for at the supermarket? To have recipes that make the most of each season’s produce?

If you answered yes to any of those statements, then please join me as Grow in Wellness moves to Thrive & Dine, a new website that promises to bring you answers to those questions and more.  Join our mailing list now and get a free Pumpkin Smoothie recipe… just in time to celebrate the flavors of fall.