12 Healthy Target Buys

There is no question that choosing healthy foods can be more expensive than processed counterparts.  It can also be hard to find healthy foods in places where cheap, unhealthy foods fill the shelves.  On my recent trip to Target, I discovered some great surprises that fit into the “eat clean, live green” philosophy of this blog. I was happy to see so many options available to Target shoppers and encouraged that they are responding to a demand for healthier foods. Way to go, Target! Let’s keep the choices growing!


Here are 12 picks for healthy foods you can find at Target (well, at least the Target stores in our area, Southern California, that have a grocery department).  If your store doesn’t carry these items yet, ask them to!




Hydrate!  Skip the Gatorade (so bad for you in so many ways, I don’t have time to get into it here!) and opt for SmartWater bottled water that has electrolytes and a high pH level to hydrate your body during this hot time of year or after exercise any time of year.




Raw Nuts – Nuts give us protein, fiber, healthy fats and important vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium, selenium and vitamin E. These are pure, unprocessed and great for keeping some in a small baggie to have on hand for a hunger emergency.




Flours and GrainsBob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Foods is a great company and puts out a great product.  They source non-GMO ingredients, and grind their grains with a cool-grind millstone to keep nutrients in tact. Organic, whole grain and gluten-free options from a company that mills, tests, packages and distributes all under one roof in Oregon.



Coconut oil – Spectrum’s Expeller Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a great substitute for butter and canola oil in recipes. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, a medium chain triglyceride that is good for digestion.  Use it to coat muffin tins and sauté veggies, too.




Vegetables – Fresh and Frozen Organics. The best produce is fresh and organic. When that’s not available, choose frozen organic.  Target carries both.  Use the Environmental Working Group’s “dirty dozen/clean fifteen”  guide to know which fruits and vegetables you need to make sure are always organic.




Gluten free bread – There are a lot of gluten-free bread brands out there, but Canyon Bakehouse is my favorite.  Keep it in the freezer or fridge to extend shelf life.  The cinnamon raisin is delicious toasted and spread with almond butter for a quick, healthy snack.




Horizon organic milk  - While I am not a fan of milk for a source of calcium (another topic for another day), many people still like to drink it, so if you are one of those, then choose organic.  Horizon raises their cows in an organic environment with lots of grazing time and no antibiotics or growth hormones.




Lundburg wild rice – This family owned farm uses methods that keep the soil healthy and are environmentally responsible. Non-GMO, organic and gluten-free rice products are their specialty.




Annie’s mustards – Annie’s is a company that chooses ingredients that are GMO free, no synthetic colors or preservatives and no artificial flavors.  These mustards pass our clean eating test.



Amy’s canned soups – Canned foods are not usually on my grocery list, but if you love soup and don’t have time to make it from scratch, then Amy’s is a go-to choice.  Their cans are BPA-free, their ingredients are organic, fresh, high quality and as close to home made that you can find from a can. P.S. I like their frozen meals, too, in a pinch.



Organic peanut butter – While I’d normally choose almond butter over peanut butter, Target only had organic peanut butter.  This single ingredient nut butter is a good choice. No sugar or hydrogenated oils in this one.




Wild planet Tuna in a pouch – This company is serious about sustainably caught seafood and committed to producing healthy food that doesn’t hurt the planet. Their tuna retains its natural juices and omega 3 oils and is packed with no added water or oil and their cans are BPA free. A healthy protein in an easy to open pouch.