May Madness

There is just something about the month of May that leads me to believe it is going to be an easygoing month, but it always ends up feeling like I’m on the tilt-a-whirl carnival ride. Lots of action, most of it unpredictable and, while it’s annoying at times, it leaves a smile on your face at the end. I have three great things to share with you this week, all the result of a ride that is still not over. March has nothing on May Madness! I wonder what the second half of the month will bring?  Here are a few good things that left a smile on my face. Hope they do for you, too.

ONE - The first is a brand new recipe to make mornings a little more fun.  Ever had a banana split for breakfast? This one is delicious… and nutritious!  Here’s a link to my recent guest post on MindBodyGreen.  I like to make this recipe with the Cinnamon Chia Peanut Butter I blogged about a few weeks ago, but it’s just as delicious with almond butter.  Here you go…  Breakfast Banana Split.


TWO - Since we just celebrated Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share another recent guest post, this time on the FitLife site.  Moms will always give advice and while you might think some of your mom’s advice is outdated, I take a second look at how mom’s wisdom stands true today.  Check it out. I’d love to hear your mom’s favorite words of wisdom, too!

THREEThrive Market! My new favorite online market for getting healthy foods at wholesale prices (yes, that’s why it’s on my sidebar :).  Think of it as a Costco for good food… delivered right to your front door.  Thrive Market is an online shopping club on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. Not just food. They offer beauty, vitamins and household items, too. Chia seeds for under $8, gluten-free search button, staples and splurges… this deserves a look!

Wishing you a week of health and happiness... and not too much madness!

Food for thought…“You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet” – Mark Hyman