Wellness Travel Essentials

Summer travel, no matter how far or near, can pose a challenge for the healthy minded eater. Actually, travel at any time of the year can make it tricky to stay on track with healthy habits. But just like other travel plans that have to be made, like airline tickets, hotels and what to wear, you need to plan for what goes in your body, too. I call it Wellness Travel Essentials.

I recently traveled to beautiful Ireland with my mom and daughter and knew that long travel days and uncertain food choices in a foreign country could make it hard to stay nourished in a “grow in wellness” kind of way. But with a little planning, I went well stocked with essentials that travel well and helped us keep wellness a priority in a not-always-healthy environment.  Here is what got packed (each item explained below):


General Wellness – stress, interrupted sleep patterns and sharing public spaces like airplanes, bathrooms and handrails of busses and trains all contribute to compromising our immune systems.  Hand sanitizer is a must, but don't stop there. Our immune system needs a boost and here are some ways to get it. 

  • Probiotics – help to balance your gut flora and help minimize digestion issues (and upset stomachs). 80% of our immune system is in our gut, so give it a little attention.  I bring non-refrigerated probiotics, like the ones from Jarrow. (not shown)
  • Daily vitamin C and other minerals – My absolute favorite immune boosting travel supplement is Oxylent.  This powder, which comes in individual packets for easy transport, quickly dissolves in a glass of water and boosts your system with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.(By the way, this is great for the morning after you’ve had a little too much to drink, too.
  • Daily Greens – if you saw my earlier post on a product I recently reviewed, you’d know that Aloha’s The Daily Good is a great way to supplement a diet missing fresh leafy greens.  I added it to a glass of orange juice several mornings and knew that no matter what the day ahead brought, I’d have started off with something good in me.
  • For those times when the germs of sharing public places get to be too much and you feel that tickle in the back of your throat or your nose threatens to start running, I turn to Umcka.  This natural cold treatment has always prevented a potential cold from growing into something more.  It comes in chewable and powder form.
  • And for those times when you do eat something that upsets your stomach, try Stomach Rescue.  A natural remedy for calming down a gurgling stomach. Or when things aren’t ‘moving’ as you’d like, Smooth Move tea is an effective, gentle way to relieve constipation.

Keeping the Hunger Monster Away – these snacks and food items are easy to pack and carry with you for those moments you find yourself hungry and with ‘nothing good to eat’.

  •   Nearly every airport we’ve been in has fresh fruit for sale. Buy it when you see it and take it with you on the airplane to supplement what they will serve you in the sky – which is never very healthy. Once you’re at your hotel, grab a piece from the breakfast buffet to take with you for the day. Apples, bananas and oranges travel well (and the first two are great with a little almond butter on them).
  • Chia shots – these little packets are awesome! Keep them with you and sprinkle them onto yogurt and salads, or add to a bottle of water (shake every few minutes until they float freely) for a dose of omegas, protein and fiber.
  • Individual almond butter packets and organic, whole wheat pretzels.  These two things combined make a great snack, and if you add a piece of fruit to it, you’ve got a mini-meal.
  • Snack bars such as Lara and Kind brand. There are a lot of these grab-and-go bars around, but these two brands have healthier ingredients than most.
  • Homemade trail mix – choose your favorite combination of healthy raw nuts and seeds and add a bit of dark chocolate chips to the mix for a sweet treat.
  • Individual protein powder packets – great meal replacement option that can easily be poured into and shaken in a water bottle.  I like Vega One for their great combination of vegan protein, vitamins and minerals and greens, not to mention delicious flavors like Vanilla Chai. One morning we had the hotel blend it with ice for us… yum!

And the most important thing to remember when traveling…

  • WATER! Drink lots of water all day long! Hunger and fatigue are signs of dehydration – choose water first!  And don’t save this last tip just for traveling… make it your daily goal to drink more water than other drinks. 

Where ever your travels take you, go prepared, knowing you aren’t compromising your wellness for the sake of vacation… have a great time!