Product Review - The Daily Good

Green drinks are all the rage right now and while this trend is basically a healthy one, it’s what’s in the green drink that matters.  There are plenty of posers out there marketing their drinks as nutritious additions to your day when the reality is they aren’t much better than a soda (see my earlier post here). 

I am always on the quest for how to get more greens into my day, especially when I’m away from my kitchen and on the go.  I recently heard about a new product by Aloha called “The Daily Good”.   The Daily Good claims to be the “world’s finest dried green juice”, so I signed up on their website for a free sample to see what it was all about.   A box of five packets arrived with instructions to add the green powder to water, juice or a smoothie. The box touts the benefits of “Keeps Energy Up, Provides Powerful Antioxidants, Boosts Immune System and Detoxifies and Helps Balance Weight".  The packet lists the content’s finest qualities: fiber, vitamin D, non-GMO and no artificial colors, flavors, fillers or sweeteners. Here's what I discovered:

 What’s actually in the packet?

            Dried spirulina*, spinach*, sustainable moringa, peas*, wheatgrass juice*, wild blueberries*, raspberries*, wild harvested coconut water, lemon*, king trumpet mushrooms*, enoki mushrooms*, oyster mushrooms*, Hawaiian yellow ginger* and Hawaiian red alaea salt. (*= organic)

So, I tried it a few different ways, as per the directions:

}1.    Mixed with 10 ounces of water

2.    Blended with my morning smoothie

}3.    Mixed with 8 ounces of orange juice (photo below)

How was it? 

1.    Not awful, but not great - a little “earthy”

2.    Delicious. Barely could taste anything other than the smoothie ingredients.

3.    Really Good. A great way to drink it on the go.

 Bottom line?

            The Daily Good is made up of simple, pure ingredients. No fillers or artificial ingredients.  This product has some great applications:  supplementing a diet that does not get enough greens on daily basis, taking greens with you when you travel or for keeping a packet in your car or purse for those moments you need to infuse some green juice into a day filled with less-than-healthy choices.  At $2.5 per packet, it’s cheaper than a green juice at your local health food store. BUT, on a day to day basis, it is still best to go green with actual produce, fresh, cold-pressed juice or blended greens. As for me?  I’d take a few with me if I was traveling or in a place where I was not sure if I’d get my daily dose of green otherwise.  Nice job, Aloha… I look forward to trying some of your other products.   How about you?

* for healthy recipes and other ways to incorporate The Daily Good into your day, check out their website at